MD-C Labs

MD-C labs use cutting-edge technologies applied in new and novel ways.

Current labs: Text Summarization and Extraction using cutting edge artifical intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Coming soon: Social Network Analysis using the API's of social network sites, construct your own social networks of your friends. Read more about Social Network Analysis.

Article Summarization

MD-C has developed automated article summarization algorithms, in which articles are extracted from their webpages (using MD-C's article extraction technology) and then summarized using artifical intelligence. Try it out below!


1.3 is the recommended agression


An online art installation by MD-C. Mediaspace pulls the latest headlines from the media, and dictates them as you float in a dystopian cloud. Listen to the media hum.


Article Extraction

Using text density analysis and an array of image processing technologies, MD-C has developed article extraction, in which cluttered news webpages are simplified down to their most key elements: title, text, and an image. Try it out below!